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Hello guys, I  know its been long. We’ve been doing a lot of strategic planning and way forwards on the Kkrew Blogging team. Expect amazing content from us soon.

Recently, I was speaking to a pastor friend of mine after he read a series of articles from my blog on love and sex, especially among young Christians.

He asked me, “Do you know why most young Christians sin?” to which he replied, “It is because they think that once they are in church, they are safe.”

Many Christians think that they are doing God a favour by praying, by reading the word, by serving in Church or by evangelizing and disciplining others. Well, if you think so, you are not.

Singing in church, getting early to go clean the church and being a leader in church doesn’t in any way give you more preference to God.

God doesn’t esteem you to be higher than other humans. You do not become a small god on earth by serving or doing matters spiritual.

By abstaining from sex before marriage. By guarding your heart and beating your flesh, God doesn’t escalate you to a higher hierarchy. He instead gives you knowledge for the fear of Him is the beginning of knowledge.

By fleeing from all sorts of evil you do not become evil-proof. You are not fully sanctified by acting well. You are not justified by your works.

Most Christians uplift themselves when God favours them with knowledge and a blessing. They think that they have done too good in the eyes of the Lord and that He is so proud of them.

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When pride kicks in, the ground becomes slippery awaiting the fall. Paul doesn’t mistake when he told the Church in Corinth that, “So if you think you are standing firm, be careful that you don’t fall.”

No one can ever attain God’s righteousness. No one will ever be perfect. Even if you are isolated in Siberia, your thoughts will fail you.

This is because you are of a fallen nature and every time you fall you are reminded that you are weak and in need of a Savior.

When Paul says that Abraham’s faith was credited as righteousness, he meant that Abraham despite God talking to him directly, also sinned.

Her wife, Sarai was able to convince him to forget about God and sleep with her maid Hagar. Do I mean that we should sin because we cannot attain God’s righteousness? No!

For all have sinned yes, the famous verse that many use to justify their evil acts but don’t you know when you sin knowingly you take Jesus back to the cross?

There are some who are always holier than thou. Everything on their lips has to show that they are indeed spiritual and closer to God.

They will utter anything that pertains to Christianity in every statement they make. They are always quick to rebuke and judge and say, “Thank God am not like that whore.”

They think that they are justified because they pray, they go to church and serve. They forget the Pharisee who prayed, “Thank God am not like that tax collector.”

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How the tax collector replied by pounding his chest saying, “Lord forgive me a sinner” is just but a cool story to them.

This is what happens when you think that you are doing God a favour; you fail to be humble. It gets into your head that indeed you are righteous and that God should automatically reward for your deeds. You think that you are justified by your deeds and not faith. You think that God is human and you are at the same level.

Strive not to think that you are too important or too righteous. Humble yourself and you will be exalted. In fact, praying and reading the word is for your own good. You are feeding your spirit. Have you ever thought that you are doing your parents a favour by eating?

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